Harry Judd Signs Book Deal

The Coronet imprint of Hodder & Stoughton is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Get Fit, Get Happy by Harry Judd.


In a world where anxiety and other related mental health issues affect more of us than ever before, we are all looking for ways to adapt, cope and survive.   The one thing that Harry has turned to time and time again to redress the balance in his life is fitness.


Now Harry shares in his book how fitness doesn’t just make you look good, it makes you feel good too. Using a combination of exercise and dance, Harry makes fitness fun and accessible. Part memoir in which Harry tells the life lessons that he has learned, and part richly researched fitness plan to get you feeling more positive, Get Fit, Get Happy is the platform for an ambitious and wide-reaching fitness revolution to help people find a little more happiness in their lives.


Coronet will publish a hardback in October 2017.


HarryJudd said: ‘I’ve used exercise to overcome the strains and stresses of some of the most difficult moments in my life. These are issues that I know many of us have, and I'm so excited to show everyone how it’s possible to use exercise in a way that is fun, fast and free to get your head in the right place, to feel good about life and to feel great about yourself.’


Coronet Publisher Charlotte Hardman said: ‘Harry is incredibly passionate about encouraging people to embrace fitness as a way to make themselves feel better and to spread a bit of happiness. By laying bare his own life story and sharing his own personal experience of the benefits of exercise, Harry will inspire others to do the same. He shows us that we don’t need expensive kit, a gym membership or even lots of time to make a difference: this is a plan for everyone. I’m thrilled to be working with Harry and delighted about the potential for what we have to achieve together with Get Fit, Get Happy.’


HarryJudd is a member of the hugely successful bands McFly and McBusted who have headlined Hyde Park, notched up 19 hit singles - of which 7 went to number one - and 2 number one albums. He is a much-loved former Strictly Come Dancing champion. In spite of this success, there have been times when Harry has been prone to anxiety and other mental health issues about which he has not talked publicly until now.